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Vote Today!

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Mayor Morrison is retiring, and on October 27th we will elect a new Mayor for the first time in eleven years.

The new Mayor and Council will determine what the Caledon of the future is to look like. They must lay the foundation for a financially secure, prosperous town, with its character and environmental values intact. Caledon is unique. It must not be swallowed up and paved over by urban sprawl. We have to get it right.

For the first twenty years of my career I worked for several large Canadian corporations. The last twenty years I have worked on both sides of the table, as a community advocate, and as an elected member of Council.

Town Hall is broken! A fresh, less complicated approach is needed, and a new culture of efficiency and service to the public must be developed by the Mayor, Council and staff.

Under my leadership, Council will be far more open and transparent. As your Mayor I will ensure that public input will be sought by Council at the beginning of a process, not after the fact.

I have the experience and leadership skills to work effectively with Council, and with you, to resolve the current problems with large tax increases, communication and bureaucratic red tape. I will see to it that Caledon moves forward in the right direction. I work hard, and I get things done.

My commitment to you:

To provide a strong and inclusive voice for you as your Mayor.

To always listen, and to be available when you need assistance.

To work hard, and to always go the extra mile for you, and for Caledon.

Working together we can make Caledon an even better place to live, work, and play.

Vote Nancy STEWART for Mayor on Monday October 27th.